Welcome to the land of Scotland. There are people who choose to have the comfort of everyday life and so move to other places. Others prefer to live in the place because of its beauty and a culture that is unique and well-preserved. Scotland is not an easy place to live in because of the weather. It is a hard one as was experienced by many generations who had lived in the land. But because of the positive thing, many had stayed and live their life enduring the hard times and enjoying the good times.

That is why many who came from the place are proud being one who has its line came from there. That is because they had learned lessons from what they had experienced. That is why even if Scotland was one of the poorest countries at one time. It has now one who had established its foundation. From this place is where theories related to the political sector that are practical and timely have been formed. They had mad their own contribution one that the world can be able to use it.

They then were one of those who had a contribution to innovations in terms of technology and also in science. That is why you may have listened to famous names like James Watt, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, and others. They had in the hardworking character. They are also thrift and are proudĀ of their own tradition. But if you visit there, your hosts would be generous and extends their friendship.